What’s New with Conext Gateway?

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Blog posts, Product Updates

We have exciting news on Conext™ Gateway! Since the last update, the team has been working hard on developing features that you told us are most important to you. The Gateway offers easier installation with the new Wi-Fi connectivity, allows you to connect any modbus master devices, and is truly ready for Smart Grid Integration.


Wi-Fi for Easier Installation

For simplified installation, Conext™ Gateway now supports two modes of wireless connectivity:

  • Wi-Fi access point – this allows the user to connect the Gateway on its internal dedicated wireless network. As a homeowner, you can connect directly to the Gateway to access information to configure or access system information in real-time.
  • Wi-Fi station mode – this allows the user to connect the Gateway to a local area network wireless connection. This means no more long cable runs to your garage or wherever the Gateway is installed. As an installer, you can simply connect the Gateway to a homeowner’s wireless network for a quick and clean installation.


New modbus slaves for Sunspec-based modbus registers and ComBox

We’re introducing another great feature for installers! The new modbus slaves are both TCP.

  • Port 502 – through Port 502, you’ll be able to access device and system level Sunspec-based modbus registers. Please download the modbus maps here.
  • Port 503 – we added support for the modbus maps that are accessible on Conext™ ComBox. If your system uses the ComBox, you’re able to replace it with the Gateway. With minor changes, your system will keep running.


Ready for Smart Grid Integration

Support for IEEE 2030.5 means that the Schneider Electric ConextTM XW Pro is ready for smart grid interaction. The new External Power Control mode uses the modbus to tell your inverter when it should sell when it should charge or discharge the battery bank. Through Conext™ Gateway, downstream solar and storage inverters can be controlled by aggregators and utilities to meet requirements such as Rule 21.


Upcoming Upgrades for Insight 2 & Mobile App

At last, but not at least, significant improvements are coming to Conext™ Insight 2 and the new mobile app. We’ll make another announcement in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


We hope you’ll enjoy the new features on Conext™ Gateway! For more information, please download the Release Notes.

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