XW Pro Enhancements for Installation with PV Inverters (AC Coupling)

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Interested in connecting solar PV inverters or micro-inverters with the Conext XW Pro battery storage inverter?  Schneider Electric has now released enhanced AC coupling controls, ideal for new solar with storage systems as well as retrofitting an XW Pro backup power system with an existing solar installation.

When the grid fails, the XW Pro inverter will start grid forming, creating a local microgrid that allows loads on the backup circuit to continue operating, and allowing solar inverters to stay on-line.  During this backup power mode of operation, the interaction between the solar inverters and the XW Pro becomes important for stable operation.  The XW series inverters have been used successfully with AC coupled solar inverters for many years, but modern systems especially with li-ion batteries present an important opportunity for further enhancements:

1. Faster controls for regulating power output from solar inverters

The updated XW Pro controls allow better utilization of batteries and available solar power generation.  With higher speed controls and more finely tuned regulation, the power output from the solar inverters used to charge batteries can be more accurately matched to the optimum levels throughout the battery charge cycle.  This is particularly important for Li-ion batteries which can be sensitive to the rate of charging, especially as they approach full state of charge.


2. Set a maximum charge rate based on battery capacity

If the recommended charge rate of the batteries is less than the XW Pro power rating and available PV inverter capacity, the XW Pro can now be configured to regulate surplus solar power generation to a defined target for battery charging.



Installer Notes:

  • AC coupling enhancements are now included in the XW Pro firmware v1.03 or later. For a complete list of updates, please download the latest firmware and release notes from the  XW Pro web page
  • Please refer to the AC Coupled Solutions Guide for details on installation, battery sizing and PV sizing. Visit the downloads section of the XW Pro web page
  • For best results, PV inverters should be configured for a grid code profile with freq/Watt power curtailment, such as Rule 21.


Click on the below button to download the XW Pro firmware v1.03.



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